Historical, Cultural and Touristic Places Branding Project of Konya
Konya is one of the oldest settlements of Turkey which is the intersection of civilizations. There are many museums and historical places in Konya. One of the greatest and ancient well-known structure, Mevlana Museum stands out as Turkey's the most visited museum in 2018.
As a part of Branding Project, Konya Travel Routes system was emerged from the idea of encouraging tourists to visit the other historical sites around the city center of Konya. Gathering the elements of wayfinding and graphic designs, Branding Project of Konya has three key objectives: (1) enabling tourists to visit all the historical sites in Konya easily, (2) publicizing information about the historical sites efficiently and (3) providing specially designed and unique products of Konya to the visitors. 
Pursuing the above-mentioned objectives, walking trails and user-friendly maps were designed in order to direct visitors to the 32 historical sites in the city beginning from the Mevlana Museum. Each historical site is highlighted with specially designed icons. With their colorful and coherent designs, these site icons aim to contribute to the brand value of Konya. After that, information totems, postcards and souvenirs were designed for each historical site. These design elements make the city whole so the brand value and recognizability of the city highly improved.
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